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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the developer fee?

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The developer fee is currently fixed at 1.5% for Ravencoin, Neoxa, Firo. The miner automatically mines for developers 2 minutes every 133 minutes.

Why there is an antivirus alert when I download and install Pickminer?

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Some antiviruses can treat Pickminer as a potential virus for your hardware. Obviously, our software is completely safe for use. Be sure to always download Pickminer on our website; https://pickminer.com, or on our GitHub page https://github.com/Pickminer/Pickminer.

Why I cannot overclock my graphic card on the Linux version?

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Overclocking tool integration on Linux version is more complicated than on Windows. With the aim of offering you a stable version of the software, we have disabled the option on the Linux version because it may cause some issues during your mining experience.

Once we find a clean result, we will activate this option, so Linux users can enjoy the same features as Windows users.